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  • Stop by our office with your complete college/university transcript(s). If you attended more than one university/college we will need all transcripts. If your transcript states ” Transfer Credit Accepted by the Institution: ” then we will need those transcripts as well.  Our friendly staff will have your transcript(s) evaluated for free and contact you within 24 to 48 business hours with the program director’s content area recommendation(s). No appointment is necessary and unofficial copies or transcript printouts are acceptable for the evaluation process, as long as they are legible.
  • If your degree was earned outside of the USA, you will:
    • Need to have your degree translated into English.
    • Pass all content areas of the TOEFL-iBT exam.
      24 Speaking
      22 Listening
      22 Reading
      21 Writing

      (Institutional TOEFL exams are not acceptable) Please select the following link to obtain steps on how to register for the TOEFL-iBT exam     TOEFL-iBT Registration

  • Decide what area(s) of certification you are going to pursue. (Visit our Certification Areas &  decide what you want to pursue)
    • Sign up for Exams via the Pre-Admissions Content Testing Process
      • Test Prep manuals are optional. They are available on the following link: Test Prep
      • Tutorial classes are optional
  • Successfully complete all the content certification testing you desire before enrolling


Applicants must pass the required TExES content exam(s) to be eligible for full acceptance and enrollment into South Texas Transition to Teaching

  • Once you meet program requirements you can enroll. You may receive letters of recommendation from South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP once you are eligible to start teaching.
  • Complete PPR preparation requirements to obtain access to test on the PPR exam.
  • Begin the first 180 hours of teacher certification training.
    • LATE HIRE – As per TAC RULE §228.35 :  (d) Late hire provisions. A late hire for a school district teaching position may begin employment under an intern or probationary certificate before completing the pre-internship requirements of subsection (b) of this section but shall complete these requirements within 90 school days of assignment.
  • Seek employment as a “teacher of record” in an accredited school district/charter school.


  • Secure employment as a teacher and work under an Intern Certificate or a Probationary Certificate, while completing your 12 months paid internship (Visit our Internship page for more information).
  • You will have one year from the issue date of your intern/probationary certificate to complete your internship requirements, remaining training hours and/or any additional testing.
  • When you have met all your requirements, South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP-LLC will recommend you to TEA for your Texas Standard Teaching Certificate.

Contact our office at (956) 631-4424  for more information.

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