Commonly Asked Questions

What are the program costs?

      Fees Upon Enrollment

  • $75 enrollment fee
  • $250 for two sessions- Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR EC-12) preparational class
  • $250 for two sessions – Content exam (for adding content after enrollment (upon approval) or for transfers only)
  • $250 Renewal fee for an additional set of sessions for Content and/or PPR preparational classes
  • 1st year Internship fee is paid upon Hire (please call the office for Internship Fee information)

**please see Enrollment Process for enrollment information**

Are there additional certification costs?

  • Yes.
    • $116.00 +tax for each certification exam you attempt – Paid to Pearson Vue (select exam to view details)
    • $52.00 1 yr Internship Certificate Fee – Paid to the Texas Education Agency (upon hire)
    • $47.00 Fingerprinting Fee – Paid to the Texas Education Agency (upon hire)
    • $77.00 5 yr Standard Certification Fee – Paid to the Texas Education Agency (at the end of 1-year certification)
    • $2,050.00 Probationary Extension fee (additional certification year) and $2,550  (third year certification) – Paid to South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP

What are your program requirements?

  • The basic candidate requirements at South Texas Transition to Teaching-Alternative Certification Program (ACP), are as follows:
    • Must have a valid bachelors degree OR be within one semester of graduating, from an accredited institution of higher education
    • Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
    • Must be eligible to work under a probationary certificate
    • Must not be currently enrolled in another certification program**

    Visit our Minimum Requirements section for more details

**accepting transfers

How do I know what area of certification to pursue?

  • South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP will evaluate your college/university transcript(s)  for FREE.  Please bring your complete transcript(s) of all of the college/universities you attended to our office and you will be contacted with your options, within 1 to 2 business days.  Please be aware that all application materials submitted become the sole property of South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP and cannot be returned under any circumstances.

How long does it take to get my certification?

  • To obtain your Texas Standard Teaching Certification, you must complete three main components of certification:  TESTING, TRAINING & TEACHING.  Not everyone completes their certification in the same order, however, once you have been hired by a public or approved charter/private school and you have worked under a valid probationary certificate, you can earn your certification within 12 months of your hire date.  While you are seeking a teaching internship, you will need to complete your testing and training requirements.

I am not a student in a program and I have successfully challenged my exams through Pre-Admissions Content Testing (PACT), what is my next step?

  • Congratulations!  Passing your content exam is a great way to increase your chances of getting hired as a “teacher of record” and completing your internship requirements.  You may contact our office for guidance on fully enrolling with South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP and begin receiving letters of recommendation, to used when applying to different school districts.

I have completed my tests, can I obtain my certification with out completing my internship?

  • No, apart from testing, the teaching internship and 300 hours of educator preparation training, is a vital part of the certification process.

What trainings do I have to complete to obtain my certification?

  • The State of Texas requires alternative teacher certification candidates to complete a minimum of 300 training hours.
    • 3 hours of New Student Orientation
    • 150 hours of Pre-Service Academy Training
    • 30 hours of Pre-Service Observations
    • 3 Hours of New Intern Orientation
    • 115 hours of Professional Development Training Hours
    • 50 hours of ISD/School Training Hours (applies to late hire only)

Can I be certified in more than one area of certification?

  • Your transcript evaluation may reveal that you are qualified to teach more than one subject area and you may challenge all or one of those contents, however, your initial certification can only be in one content area.  Once you have earned your standard certification, you may add additional content areas to your state certification.

Do I need a probationary certificate to be hired by a school district/charter school?

  • No.  While you will eventually need to hold a valid probationary certificate during your teaching internship, you do not need a probationary certificate to apply for teaching positions or to be hired.  The school district may want to verify that you are eligible to hold a probationary certificate and that you are enrolled in an approved educator preparation program and enrolled students can receive a letter of recommendation to prove their eligibility.

What happens if I do not complete my certification requirements (TEACHING, TRAINING or TESTING) within my 1st intern year?

  • While our program will offer you ample opportunity to complete your training, testing and teaching within one calendar year, if you do not complete your requirements and you remain in your current teaching position you will have to pay an internship extension fee of $2050.00 for a 2nd year extension and $2,550 for a 3rd year extension  to South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP and you will need to apply and pay for a probationary certification extension (through the Texas Education Agency) before you can be granted a probationary recommendation.

Do I have to be enrolled in your educator preparation program to challenge a certification exam?

  • No, the current Texas Administrative Code allows for, degreed individuals, who have never been enrolled in an educator preparation program, to challenge teacher certification exams.  Through Pre-Admissions Content Testing (PACT), you may sign up for an exam at your convenience, without paying enrollment fees or attending any preparation classes.
  • If you’re not sure what area of certification you would be eligible for, please come by South Texas Transition to Teaching and we will evaluate your transcript, FREE, and let you know what area of certification our director suggest, based on the certifications we offer.

I have a criminal record, will that prevent me from becoming a teacher?

  • The staff at South Texas Transition to Teaching, ACP is not authorized to assess your criminal history, however, most individuals who have committed a felony are not eligible for their Texas Standard Teaching Certificate.  The Texas Education Agency has provided certification seekers with an evaluation service that will provide the applicant with a letter, advising the requestor, of a determination of potential ineligibility for educator certification.  Please visit this link for more details —> Request for Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation.

I have military experience, does the program allow my prior experience, education or training?

South Texas Transition to Teaching does not certify prospector future teachers in CATE (Career and Technology Education). Consequently, we can not accept military training or schooling for credit for applicants. Any credit of that nature is applied by the Institute of Higher Education that confers the degree.

This information is subject to change.  Please contact our office at 956-631-4424, if you have additional questions.

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