Frequently Asked Questions for SoTex Students

How can I access the Trainings?

Select the Training Portal link on your assigned webpage

How can I access my SoTex email

It is through the Gmail or click HERE

When can I test for my exam?

Please refer to our testing policy:


Testing Policy

What website do I go to so I can register for an exam

Click  HERE

When can I begin my Internship?

RIGHT NOW, with the governos’s waiver, you just need to complete the 150 hours of coursework training first. Then you will obtain a Letter of Recommendation. Once you have this letter, you can now begin to apply for a teaching position. If you already have a teaching position, you MUST reach out to us so we can determine if you are eligible for an Internship.

What happens if I get offered a teaching position?

You must contact us through phone or email within 24 hours with the following information.

  1. District
  2. School
  3. Area
  4. Grade level

I am on an Internship and do not have a Mentor assigned. What do I do?

Reach out to your Principal. You must obtain an assigned mentor within three weeks of when your internship begins.  A mentor form should be available for you to download on your Internship Drive. 

  • Methods of submitting the Mentor Form & must be signed by all parties:
    • Emailed to me directly from the Principal
    • Emailed to me directly from the Mentor
    • Mailed to me
    • Dropped off
  • If your mentor is not certified as a mentor, make sure your mentor:
    • has 3 or more years of teaching as a certified teacher in the same content area as you  
    • contacts me so we can certify your mentor

I am on an Internship. How do I know if my assigned mentor qualifies?

The assigned teacher has to have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience as a certified teacher in the same content area as you. Recommended to be in the same campus/district. The best way to know is to send Diana the TEA ID number of the mentor BEFORE the Mentor form is filled out and signed so she can verify their eligibility. Once Diana confirms, please have your mentor form signed by both parties and follow the submission instructions provided to you. Diana will email the mentor the mentor training required for the assigned fiscal year. If you do not have a qualified teacher, you can get a teacher from a nearby campus. You can reach out to Diana for additional information.

I am on an Internship. Where can I access the Mentor Form?

On your Internship Drive folder.

I am currently on an Internship. How do I know how many observations I need?

Based on the certificate you were issued. You can check your File Status link under the  # of observations needed section or under the type of certificate you were issued section. 


Intern Certificate = 5 observations

Probationary Certificate = 3 observations

Will I need to take the new Science of Teaching and Reading(STR) (293) exam?

This new exam will become available and be required for certification AFTER January 1, 2021 for anyone pursuing the following certification areas:

Core Subjects EC-6

ELA-R 4-8

ELA-R/SS 4-8

Please select the link below to read more about this:


Is the Core EC-6 going to change?

Yes, on January 1, 20201 there will be a new code for the Core exam. Instead of it being code 291, it will be 391. Please select the link below to read more about the changes:


2021 Changes

I was issued an Intern Certificate but I passed the PPR exam. Do I still need to get observed 5 times?

Yes. The number of observations is determined by what type of certificate you were issued. 

Do I need to get fingerprinted now?

No, this will be done when you apply for your Probationary or Intern Certificate. If you already were fingerprinted, that is fine. Once you are prompted to do so on your Prob or Intern application if TEA accepts them, you will skip that portion of the application. If it is asking for you to complete that, then you will need to update your fingerprints.

Break Down of Course Work Credit Hours

You should have been provided with the option to download this on your Enrollment Process. You can view the breakdown of the Credit Hours per course by selecting the following link:

300 Hours Credit

Different Types of "Observations" needed for my certification

  • Formal observations are conducted by your assigned Field Supervisor once you begin your internship. In your case, you are currently on an Intern Certificate. This means that your Field Supervisor must observe you a total of 5 times from when your certificate begins to when it expires. Your certificate began on August 3, 2020. It expires on August 3, 2021. Your Field Supervisor will schedule this throughout your internship year. For now, the Formal Observation can be conducted two separate ways. You can record yourself and upload to a drive so you can share that to Mr. Gomez(if you need help with this I can help) OR you can email him a link so he can join on a specific date/time so he can observe you. Diana will upload the completed observation form to your Formal Observations folder in your Internship Drive. Remember, for each Formal observation you must have 1 Pre-Conference and 1 Post-Conference completed. These forms are available on your Internship Drive within their assigned SubFolders. Forms of submission are: Upload the form and label it as #1 or #2 etc.
  • Coursework Observations– those are done for training purposes. You can choose to request to join a class amongst your colleagues to answer the questions OR wait until in-class instruction is available so you can get these observations completed.
  • 30 FBE observation hours that you can see on your General Documents Drive inside the 30 FBE folder(if you do not see them contact Diana ASAP) These hours must be completed as well. You must do a total of 15 hours observing other teachers and 15 hours interacting. The interacting hours are on hold right now due to the pandemic. Whenever that becomes available I will inform everyone.

30 Hours Observing/Interacting

Do these hours have to be completed right now because of the COVID? – Due to the COVID, the Governor issued a waiver for the requirement to complete these observation hours. SoTex ACP still believes that completing these hours is very crucial to your experience. You are recommended to complete these at your own ability.

Can I observe a certified teacher and interact with the students at the same time? – YES. You can observe and interact and add the same time you observed and interacted for both forms (for example if you are observing and interacting for a total of 1 hour: Observation log = 1 hour, Interaction Log = 1 hour)


Do I have to observe/interact on ALL grade levels and Content areas? – No, you do not. It is highly recommended to do so but you can focus on  your desired content area and grade levels ( For example ELA 4-8 = observe ELA teachers 4-8 grade)


Can I observe virtually? – If you are able to, yes. Due to COVID, certain schools may have restrictions.


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