Frequently Asked Questions for SoTex Students

How can I access the Trainings?

Select the Training Portal link on your assigned webpage

How can I access my SoTex email

It is through the Gmail or click HERE

When can I test for my exam?

Please refer to our testing policy:


Testing Policy

What website do I go to so I can register for an exam

Click  HERE

When can I begin my Internship?

RIGHT NOW, with the governos’s waiver, you just need to complete the 150 hours of coursework training first. Then you will obtain a Letter of Recommendation. Once you have this letter, you can now begin to apply for a teaching position. If you already have a teaching position, you MUST reach out to us so we can determine if you are eligible for an Internship.

What happens if I get offered a teaching position?

You must contact us through phone or email within 24 hours with the following information.

  1. District
  2. School
  3. Area
  4. Grade level

Do I need to get fingerprinted now?

No, this will be done when you apply for your Probationary or Intern Certificate. If you already were fingerprinted, that is fine. Once you are prompted to do so on your Prob or Intern application if TEA accepts them, you will skip that portion of the application. If it is asking for you to complete that, then you will need to update your fingerprints.

Is the Core EC-6 going to change?

Yes, on January 1, 20201 there will be a new code for the Core exam. Instead of it being code 291, it will be 391. Please select the link below to read more about the changes:


2021 Changes

Will I need to take the new Science of Teaching and Reading(STR) (293) exam?

This new exam will become available and be required for certification AFTER January 1, 2021 for anyone pursuing the following certification areas:

Core Subjects EC-6

ELA-R 4-8

ELA-R/SS 4-8

Please select the link below to read more about this:


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