What to Know!


We provide evening and weekend classes, so that you may continue working or furthering your education while you are achieve your educator certification. You can receive letters of recommendation as soon as you are accepted to the program, which you can use when applying for teaching positions across the Rio Grande Valley.  We want to help remove any obstacles and quickly facilitate your specialized instruction, so that you may see success. 


Every partner at SoTex-ACP has only one goal in mind…your success.  As a locally owned and operated program, we firmly believe in what we are doing for the Rio Grande Valley, as teachers and our pledge is support you, not only during your internship, but throughout you career as an educator; wherever this noble profession may lead you.

You will be assigned a field supervisor who will observe your progress in the classroom and offer constructive feedback.

Our professional office staff will help you through the process of completing your certification requirements and keep you informed of all any State and program provisions.  They will also help you to keep track of your certification progress and answer any questions you may have along the way.


All of our interns receive over 300 hours of training, with 180 hours of comprehensive teacher training, along with personal mentoring, guidance and support from local and seasoned veterans in our profession. 

All of our instructors and supervisors have decades of professional expertise in their field, as well as real world knowledge and understanding of State and Federal educator requirements.  This valuable information will be shared with you, so that may succeed in the classroom and become a well rounded educator, for the students you serve and your community. 

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