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Steps from Applying to Enrolling in SoTex ACP

Select the link below to access our Helpful Videos that can give you step-by-step information on how to navigate our website. After the video, you have the option to complete a short survey. Please leave us your feedback so we can continue to make more videos. 

Helpful Videos

Step 1

Review our Minimum Requirements

Before submitting your transcripts, you must decide what you want to pursue. If you have not passed ANY exams (TExES or PACT) please select the link below to view our areas of certification. Each tab will give you the TX PACT exam you will need to take and pass prior to enrolling IF you do not qualify for the area you wish to pursue. This information will be given to you after your transcripts are evaluated.

What To Pursue

Step 2

Submit transcripts by selecting the following link:

  Transcript Submission

                                The evaluation submission will determine if you have:  a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought, OR 15 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought if the certification sought is for mathematics or science at or above Grade 7. You are required to provide confidential information for TEA Reporting purposes. 



  •  If you have passed a TExES or PACT exam, you must contact SoTex ACP for additional guidance.

Step 3

Once your eligibility is confirmed,  you are ready to enroll, select the following link to begin our Enrollment Process:


(A password is required. Once your enrollment is approved, you will be provided with the password) 

Step 4

Once Enrolled: You will receive an e-mail from a Program Specialist of your acceptance into the Teacher Education Program. Should you receive a denial, you can contact SoTex ACP and discuss any deficiencies. Upon completion of all requirements, you will then receive a Letter of Acceptance into the program. You must sign the Letter of Acceptance within 10 days of receipt of notification of approval. 

  •  Focus on passing the required TExES exam (if you have not done so) & complete 180 Pre-Internship Training Hours. You can review a summary of these hours by selecting the link below

Pre-Internship Training Hours

Upon completion of the 180 Pre-Internship Training & passing the TExES exam, your assigned SoTex ACP Program Specialist will provide you with a Letter of Recommendation to submit while you apply for teaching positions.

Select the following link and select the month you are enrolling to see what would your process be to obtain your teacher certification based on your enrollment month.   Calendar for Enrollment

SoTex ACP will also inform you if are able to start applying for teaching positions once you pass the TExES exam(s) before completing the 180 Pre-Internship Coursework Training through the “Late Hire Provision” rule* 


*Late Hire Provision:

Definition of a Late Hire 

RULE §228.2(23) Late hire–An individual who has not been accepted into an educator preparation program before the 45th day before the first day of instruction and who is hired for a teaching assignment by a school after the 45th day before the first day of instruction or after the school’s academic year has begun.

180 Coursework for Late Hire:

RULE §228.35(d) Late hire provisions. A late hire for a school district teaching position may begin employment under an intern or probationary certificate before completing the pre-internship requirements of subsection (b) of this section but shall complete these requirements within 90 school days of assignment.

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