Types of Assessments

Time AdministeredPurposesSample Assessments
Before a lesson or unit (i.e., preassessment)-To assess students’ prior knowledge, skills, and understanding
-To determine students’ interest
-To ascertain students’ learning needs
-To inform teachers’ use of instructional strategies or practices
-To help teachers assign students to groups
-Standardized test from prior yearUnit pre-test
-Academic record
-Self-report measure
-KWL chart
-Interest inventory
-Skill inventory
-Journal entry
-Teacher observation
During a lesson or unit (i.e., formative assessment)-To determine what the students understand
-To determine students’ needs
-To inform teachers of needed instructional adjustments
-To help teachers design meaningful lessons
-To help teachers assign students to different groups
-Work samplesSmall-group discussion
-Whole-class discussion
-Journal entries
-Portfolio entries
-Exit cards
-Homework assignments
-Student conference
-Concept map
-Quick answers on a dry-erase board
-Thumbs up/ down/ sideways
After a lesson or unit (i.e., summative assessment)-To determine what the students have learned
-To aid teachers in assigning grades
-To assist teachers in refining instruction for the following year
-Chapter or unit test
-Report (written or oral)
-PowerPoint presentation
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