Exit Card

An exit card is a tool for assessing student understanding of a topic or skill introduced in class. To assess the students’ understanding of the day’s lesson, teachers hand out blank index cards and ask their students to do such things as:

  • Answer a specific question about the lesson
  • Demonstrate a skill (adding two two-digit numbers)
  • List three things they learned
  • Ask a question about something they don’t understand about the topic
  • Draw a picture of an item and label its parts
  • Explain a concept
  • Write down one thing they would like to know more about

The students write their names and responses on the cards and turn them in to the teacher. For older students, these cards are often turned in as students exit the class.


Lesson: fractions

The teacher writes on the board and reads aloud: “If Sue gets $4.00 this week for her allowance and she spends one fourth of it at the store, how much did she spend? Show how you solved the problem.”

exit cards: Sara shows four boxes each with $1 inside and one crossed out, Nathan uses math.
By reviewing these two exit cards, the teacher realizes that Sara needs to use a graphic representation to solve the problem, whereas Nathan is able to use a mathematical representation to solve it.
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