Norma Mercado

Senior Program Specialist

Hello, my name is Norma Mercado. I have been a part of SoTex ACP since March 2016. I have recently been promoted to the Senior Program Specialist position. With my new job duties, it has been a great experience to be able to help applicants as they begin their teaching career as soon as they enroll in our Program. Being able to provide the proper guidance they needed in order to help them reach their goal is definitely rewarding. I am here to help you every step of the way. This includes making sure you become eligible to apply at School Districts and especially helping you in obtaining the teaching position you desire! Reach out to me if you have any questions and as always, I will respond with the information that benefits you the most!

My Job Duties are:

  • Provide Program Information
  • Process Enrollments
  • Get candidates ready to become eligible to begin their teaching career
  • Announce class schedules to the candidates
  • Confirm their attendance/participation in the preparational classes
  • Issue out clearance for benchmarks to those who attended the preparational class
  • Confirm passing scores on benchmarks that make candidates cleared to obtain access to the TExES exam.
  • Provide access to the required TExES exams once candidates have been cleared
  • Provides access to benchmarks once a candidate is eligible
  • Gives access to TExES exams to candidates once they are eligible
  • Make sure candidates complete all Pre-Internship Coursework
  • Make sure candidates complete 30 FBE
  • Maintains “Short List” of eligible candidates ready for hire
  • Communicates with HR’s and Principals in regards to eligible candidates
  • Sends SOE’s to Human Resources
  • Gets eligible hired-candidates to apply/pay for their initial certificate
  • Tracks Fingerprint completion

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