Diana Lopez

Senior Certification Officer / Program Manager

Hello, my name is Diana Lopez. I am the Senior Certification Officer, Program Coordinator, and Program Manager. I have been a part of this certification program since August 2009. It’s always an honor working with teacher interns from beginning to end. It has become my passion to be part of their teaching experience and their achievement is my greatest satisfaction.

My Job Duties are:

  • Process Intern Certificates once the file is cleared by my Senior Program Specialist, Norma Mercado.
  • Inform the HR departments of the issuance of certificates
  • Confirm candidates have their assigned teacher who is eligible to be a mentor and completes the mentor training with SoTex ACP within the timeline set by TEA.
  • Assign Field Supervisors once the intern is hired to make sure the observations within the internship year that are required by the state are completed.
  • Keep the interns up to date with monthly audits on what they are required to complete within their internship year.
  • Announce class schedules to the teachers
  • Confirm their attendance/participation in the preparational classes
  • Issue out clearance for benchmarks to those who attended the preparational class
  • Confirm passing scores on benchmarks that make teachers cleared to obtain access to the TExES exam.
  • Provide access to the required TExES exams once teachers have been cleared
  • Process internship deductions throughout the internship year.
  • Provide support throughout the interns’ internship year with reminders and constant communication.
  • Updates Program newsletter every two weeks/monthly depending on the changes and updates
  • Communicate with Principals, Mentors, and HRs of the status of the interns throughout the year.
  • Work with the IDEA Special Education Program COHORT and make sure they complete their FULL certification process
  • Makes sure that Teacher complete their Internship Trainings
  • Share Formal Observation documents with Principals, Mentors, and Student Teachers
  • Make sure every intern is completely done with the requirements and is now eligible for the Standard Teaching Certificate by when their deadline expires.
  • Inform Teachers, Principals, Mentors, and HRs once the Standard Certificate is posted.
  • Completes all Title 2 yearly reports
  • Completes all ASEP yearly reports

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