EPP criteria for Testing

EPP policy for a SoTex ACP student to gain access to test on ANY exam is the following:



Step 1:

Student MUST attend a preparational session. (Sign in & out is required for proof of attendance)

Step 2:

Student MUST take a practice exam within 30 days of the last day of class and receive a passing score of 80% (Sign in required)


Step 3:

Student will be uploaded immediately after completing Step 2. Student MUST register to take an exam within 30 days of the last day of class (strongly recommended)

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Step 4:

If a student did not pass an exam and scored lower than a 235, the student MUST request approval from the Director or Program Manager to attend the next scheduled preparational class and complete step 2 for approval access.

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Step 5:

If a student scored a 235 or above but below the minimum passing score (240), the student MUST contact EPP to obtain requirements to gain access to register for the exam once again.

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Once you have passed your exam, call and/or stop by the office to submit your scores ASAP!!

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