Late Hire Provision



TAC Rule 228.2 (23)

Late hire–An individual who has not been accepted into an educator preparation program before the 45th day before the first day of instruction and who is hired for a teaching assignment by a school after the 45th day before the first day of instruction or after the school’s academic year has begun.

TAC Rule 228.35(4)(b) d)

(4) With appropriate documentation such as certificate of attendance, sign-in sheet, or other written school district verification, 50 clock-hours of training may be provided by a school district and/or campus that is an approved TEA continuing professional education provider to a candidate who is considered a late hire. The training provided by the school district and/or campus must meet the criteria described in the Texas Education Code (TEC), ยง21.451 (Staff Development Requirements) and must be directly related to the certificate being sought.

(b) Coursework and/or training for candidates seeking initial certification in the classroom teacher certification class. An EPP shall provide each candidate with a minimum of 300 clock-hours of coursework and/or training. Unless a candidate qualifies as a late hire, a candidate shall complete the following prior to any clinical teaching or internship:

(d) Late hire provisions. A late hire for a school district teaching position may begin employment under an intern or probationary certificate before completing the pre-internship requirements of subsection (b) of this section, but shall complete these requirements within 90 school days of assignment.

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