30 hours of Observation Steps

30 FBE Observation

According to [19 TAC §228.35], FBE should be done:

  1. In an authentic school setting in a public school accredited by TEA or other school approved by the TEA for this purpose.
  2. The teacher must be certified
  3. Actual students in classroom/instructional settings
  4. Content or grade-level specific classrooms/instructional setting
  5. Submit a written reflection of the observation
  6. Observe grade levels EC-12 (Pre-K – 12th)

Summer school does not qualify as an “instructional classroom setting”.

FBE observations can ONLY be done within the school year when an “instructional classroom setting” is provided.


Step 1 – Select grade level and content to view

Step 2- View the full video and answer questions while observing

Step 3 – On Call Log, write in the Teacher’s name (if available) and make sure to put “ONLINE VIDEO” on the Signature section

Step 4 – Write in the time and calculate the minutes/hours. Up to 15 hours are allowed by video.


 Step 1 – Select a preferred District

Step 2 – Select a preferred school

Step 3 – Select a grade level& content area that you will observe.

Step 4 – Recommended to observe all grade levels.

Step 5 – Answer questions while observing the classroom

Step 6 – Log in the time you were in class in the Observation Log

Step 7 – Teacher signature is a MUST in the Observation Log

Completed Observations

  1. When all 30 hours are completed, have the principal/Campus Administrator sign the Observation Log

2. Submit paperwork to SoTex ACP to be reviewed and to be given credit for 30 hours of FBE observations.

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