30 hours of Observation Steps

30 FBE Observation

According to [19 TAC §228.35], FBE should be done:

  1. In an authentic school setting in a public school accredited by TEA or other school approved by the TEA for this purpose.
  2. The teacher must be certified
  3. Actual students in classroom/instructional settings
  4. Content or grade-level specific classrooms/instructional setting
  5. Observe certified teachers for a minimum of 15 hours
  6. Interact with students in classrooms for a minimum of 15 hours

Summer school does not qualify as an “instructional classroom setting”.

FBE observations can ONLY be done within the school year when an “instructional classroom setting” is provided.



 Step 1 – Select a preferred District (can be more than one)

Step 2 – Select a preferred school (can be more than one)

Step 3 – Select a grade level& content area that you will observe.

               ****Recommended to observe all grade levels.

Step 4 – Answer questions while observing the classroom

Step 5 – Answer the questions while interacting with students in the classroom

Step 6 – Log in the time you were in class in the Observation Log

Step 7 – Teachers must sign the Observation Log

Step 8 – Log in the time you were in class interacting with the students in the Interaction Log

Step 9 – Teachers must sign the Interaction Log

Step 10 – Submit Observation and Interaction Log along with the documents supporting your observations and Interactions


Completed Observations

  1. When all 30 hours are completed, have the principal/Campus Administrator sign the Observation Log

2. Submit paperwork to SoTex ACP to be reviewed and to be given credit for 30 hours of FBE observations.

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